About Me

Hi everyone!  My name is Erika, I am a stay at home mom to a wonderfully talented eleven year old girl and a four year old son who is a very busy entertainer.  My daughter loves anything to do with music and reading.  She is incredibly smart and beautiful.  My son loves to make people laugh and is quite the clown.  He is a natural entertainer who is always on the go.

My husband and I have been married since 2002.  We have been through lots of good and lots of bad times with more to come in this roller coaster ride of life I am sure.  We rely on each other and work together towards our goals.

We are from Michigan, but moved to Florida so he could pursue his career in law enforcement.  After five years of being so far from our family we moved to Kansas and are ecstatic to be back in the Midwest.  We missed the seasons and the general beauty of the rolling hills, tall trees, and open fields. 

While in Florida I started couponing to help save money.  I did that for one year and after some reflection decided it was not for me.  The majority of the foods I was buying were full of preservatives, sodium, and other stuff that I can not even pronounce (not to mention all the weight I gained...yuck!).  So on my venture to saving more money I started looking into living a frugal lifestyle.  As I learned more about frugal living I decided tit was the right choice for us.  We use fresher ingredients and are working on using more "whole" foods in our home.

Now I am not 100% whole foods by any means, but we are eating cleaner.  Everyone has enjoyed it so far. There are of course some grumbles about certain things, but there is no way around that one.  Well...maybe...never mind.  I will just listen to the grumbles :)

I will admit at times it can take more time to do things, but there is a lot of satisfaction that goes along with living frugal.  I take pride in the food I prepare and the cleaners I make.  As time goes on I hope to learn more tips and tricks of this lifestyle. 

Join me as I take on this new journey.  Please feel free to leave your tips or comments! I love to hear them and try to respond to every single one!