Saturday, July 16, 2011

A Little Bit About Me :)

I am a mom who works full-time with two kids, my daughter is 9 and my son is 2 (soon to be 3 in August!!!). My husband and I have been married since 2002 and we moved from Michigan to Florida in 2006.  Within the last year my husband and I have realized the climbing costs of everything with the lack of any increase in our income was going to catch up with us if we did not take some action to gain better control.  I began couponing and working towards saving money on one of our biggest expenses, groceries.  We estimated we were spending anywhere from $750-1000 per week on groceries alone!  Now I spend approximately $300-350 per month.  Now if I could get the little one out of diapers I could cut that even more (boys are stubborn LOL).  My goals are simple:
  1. to spend less than $100/week
  2. to keep my yearly spending under $5,000
  3. and to save 50% each week
So far I am on track.  There are weeks that I may not save as much or that I have actually busted my budget, but I am still on track to meet my yearly goal (which is most important to me).  I set the other goals to help keep me on track to reach my long term goal.  I can see the improvements since I began couponing almost a year ago and I hope to continue to improve so I can set more aggressive goals for next year! 

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