Sunday, August 19, 2012

Weekly Prep

YAY! it's the start of a new week and my new weekly meal planner!  I told you I was excited right?!?  Well today I prepped all the fruits, veggies, snacks, granola, cereal, etc and honestly it wasn't too bad.  I think I can really get used to this.  It's so nice to just look at the calendar and then pull out all the prepared containers for the meal/snack.  So much more convenient!

Now with all my excitement lets take a quick peek at the menu and then all my fun preparation work I did.

The weekly plan
I will be posting the recipes for dinner with my modifications the morning of the planned day.  So that means check back tomorrow morning for the Chicken Spinach and Pasta Bake recipe.  This way I can modify the recipes and actually try them before passing them on to you.  I figure it wouldn't be nice to make you guys my guinea  If you want to see the recipes and my planned modifications check out my post HERE and scroll to the bottom.

Now that we have the refresher lets check out the prep work involved.  

That's all the snacks and meals I have prepped right now.  I still have to make the hard boiled eggs and I will make the tuna salad tomorrow.  Oh and there is 1 container of greek yogurt, 1 granola, and 1 strawberry missing because I ate it for breakfast this morning (I decided to start this plan today instead of tomorrow so I can get the recipes up ahead of time).  Now it's easy to grab and go so even if you have a busy morning there are no excuses!  Just print the calendar, stick it on the fridge, and grab the containers you need before leaving the house.  How simple is that?!?

A healthier diet and a simpler life.  Sounds like a good combo to me ;)

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