Friday, December 9, 2011

Homemade Apple and Pear Sauce

When I got back from Aldi on Wednesday I decided to make homemade apple and pear sauce.  My Aldi has bags of apples for $1.47 and pear 4-packs for 99 cents.  This is an easy apple recipe and it is delicious!  I love making my own applesauce and don't even bother with the store bought stuff anymore.  It is super easy to make and you can control the sugar, spices, chunkiness, etc.  I used my recipe that I have posted HERE with a couple of minor changes.  The changes I made were 1/2 cup of apple juice instead of water, cut the sugar to 3/4 cup, used 4 pears, and 10 gala apples.  I did freeze some of the last batch and it has since been gobbled up.  So that must mean it freezes just fine.  Since apples are so cheap at my Aldi I may head back over to pick up a few more bags and make more sauce to freeze.  My kids love applesauce and each batch yields 6-8 cups which is about what we go through each month.     Pin It


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