Saturday, December 17, 2011

Rudolph Cookies

These are the most important cookie in our house during Christmas.  They are not really a cookie, but the kids love them and adults do as well.  Simple ingredients and no baking...the worst part of these cookies are that your back will be killing you because you need to make so many since people love them so much (I am making at least 100 this year...OUCH!).  These are a nice change of pace from all the overly sweet treats this time of year and they hold tons of charm :)

Rudolph Cookies
Graham Crackers (broken in half)
Pretzels (not the mini ones)
Chocolate Chips
Cherry Sours (Any place that has a Jelly Belly station will have these and I also heard Walgreen's carries their own brand)
Candy Melts (I use Peanut Butter and have been finding them at Michael's lately)
Piping bags with tips or a Ziploc bag works fine too just clip a corner off, but not too don't want candy melts oozing everywhere. Remember you can always clip more, but you can't put back ;)
  1. Place all ingredients out on the table.  This is important because you don't want your candy melts to harden before you're done (you can always reheat them, but they don't recommend it)
  2. Prepare candy melts as directed on the package. 
  3. I do all the noses first by placing a small dot of candy melt (about dime size) on the tip of the graham cracker(10 at a the melt does not harden) and then placing a cherry sour on top.
  4. Place a small dot of candy melt on the top tip of the graham cracker (again 10 at a time so the candy does not harden).  Place a pretzel on top and then cover the bottom portion of the pretzel with more candy melt.  Repeat for all the rest of the cookies you are making.
  5. Then place two small dots (size of pencil eraser) of candy for eyes (I only do about 3-4 at a time so the candy won't harden).  Place chocolate chips inside the center of each dot and repeat for the rest.
  6. Allow to cool completely so candy will harden.

These are so much fun and are adorable.  Just look at could you not love them??? Pin It

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