Friday, December 9, 2011

The Horror of Potty Time

Warning:  This has nothing to do with saving money or coupons...well unless you consider getting your kid out of diapers a money saver ;)

I just need to vent a little son is 3 and is giving me a terrible time about potty training.  He obviously knows he has to go and that he went, but he will not work with me.  I bought the potty seat, potty chair, naked time, big boy underwear, treats, rewards, games, etc...nothing is working.  Today he actually went on the potty two times, but with a terrible fight.  He would bring me a pull-up telling me he needed it, but when I asked if he had to go potty he would say no.  AGGHHHH!!!  I am seriously at my wits end and I think this is becoming a battle of will.  Can someone come potty train my stubborn toddler?!?!?  PLEASE!!!!!

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