Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Ch ch ch changes!

Nope you guys aren't seeing things.  I have made some drastic changes.  I have decided this will be a blog dedicated to cooking.  I still track my savings and grocery spending...obviously...I don't want to go broke ;) But I decided a change was needed.  Hopefully no one will be too upset.  I still love you if you are, but my blog has been changing direction for quiet some time.

I enjoy the cooking aspect and actually look forward to sharing recipes with you guys.  I really hope the changes make it easier to understand what I am really about.  Lets face it, the reality is that I will spend more money to eat healthy food than to get free junk.  It's just the way I am and how I feel.

Not to mention I am thrilled on where I have come in the kitchen.  Considering I am very much self taught.  My grandma showed me a few things, my dad has answered many questions, and friends have always helped; but the fact remains that I have learned through trial and error and that my friends is something I am very proud of.

I really hope to continue to learn.  Baking is something I haven't tackled very well yet.  I can make a few things, but nope I am not much of a baker yet.  So maybe you guys can give me some tips on that!  I look forward to learning more and sharing more with you guys!

While I make this transition (which hopefully will be quick and smooth!) please be patient and I can't wait to get cooking again!

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