Monday, April 30, 2012

May Meal Plan

The end of the month has finally come.  Now onto a new month.  I am excited for some of the dishes I am preparing and also excited to take the plunge and start making some bread and rolls for dinner with wheat flour instead of all purpose flour.

You will notice I have added fish to the menu at least once per week.  I have also allowed 2 days off from cooking per week.  One will be leftovers and the other will be take out.  I think this will help with food waste and also from me burning out on making meals from scratch all the time.  We all need a break at some point right???

Anyway, let's take a peek at the meal plan and below you will find the rest of my grocery list broken up into weeks.

Whole chicken means those are the meals I am using the shredded roast chicken I made this weekend
Now that we know what we are eating let's look at the grocery list broken down by week.

And there it is.  The plan for May.  I told you we had plans for tons of produce this month.  I am excited to be using all these fresh ingredients and the meals that will come along with them!

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