Sunday, March 18, 2012

April Meal Plan

Can you believe we are almost through with March?  Seriously the months are flying by faster and faster!  I can't believe it and I am sure it is because I have been so busy.  We traveled to Colorado and then to Michigan and have been keeping super busy.

Even though we have been busy I have made sure to write up my meal plan for the month and draft up a grocery list for April.  For me, planning dinners help keep me sane.  I love having everything planned out so all I have to do is prepare the meal instead of scrambling to find something to eat.  

You will also notice we are having lots of salads this month.  My hubby and I have a little competition going right now to see who can lose the most body fat by my 30th birthday (May 15th!).  We have a nice little reward for the winner and it is giving us the drive to really start cutting out more preservatives and processed foods.  Salads are a great way to eat healthier and the options are endless!  So we are having 2-3 salads per week for dinner.  Wish us luck...well me at least ;) because I really want to win the prize!

Below is a list of the meals we are having in April and as always I can, may, and probably will rearrange the menu.  I always seem to move things around depending on what produce looks good or is on sale.

I know it is kinda hard to read and I am sorry for that.  I wish I could make it bigger and clearer for you guys.

Now onto the grocery list.  I am so stoked for this month.  This month contains lots of produce.  Four months into this new eating style and I think we are really doing good!  You can see we are having chili dogs...there is also bacon and ham on there, but I still believe having these things occasionally is alright.  My kids love these foods so instead of banning them I am just limiting them.

I also wanted to note that I forgot to add milk, but as always we will be buying 4 gallons of milk.  I haven't gone over the list with my hubby yet so he may have a few requests as well.  But other than that here is the list so far.

Have you guys tried meal planning yet?  I truly love it and urge you to give it a try.  Even planning your meals weekly will really help reduce your spending.  Writing a list out and taking inventory is a great way to save money!


  1. I need to get my April menu done :) I agree with you though, having a plan keeps me sane!! Thanks for sharing :)

    1. I needed to get it out the way before I got too busy...yesterday was so nice out and the kids were outside all day so I took advantage of it ;) Have a wonderful day!


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