Thursday, November 10, 2011

Aldi, Hy-Vee, and Price Chopper!

I went out this morning and got most of my grocery shopping out of the way.  Just have to go to Hen House to catch some of there fantastic deals going on tomorrow.  I bought all these groceries for a total of $54.02 which is a great deal with very few coupons.  After today I am should be stocked up on most of my canned goods for the next six months.  One thing I love is having all these stores within blocks of each other.  I was able to get them all done in one shot without having to stop home or drive more than 5 minutes to my next store.  I am really loving this!   Below shows what I saved and how.

1 - Gallon 2% Milk $1.99
1 - Gallon Vitamin D Milk $1.99
Aldi is right across from my Hy-Vee so I always stop there to pick up milk.  It is $2 cheaper per gallon and I can't see wasting that savings when we go through 2-4 gallons per week.  That saves me $4-8 just by going across the street!

8 - Birdseye Vegetables $1 each
4 - $1/2 Birdseye Vegetables or Steamfresh Vegetables
$4 or $0.50 each!

4 - Hy-Vee Beef Broth $0.38

1 - Brawny 6 Big Roll $5.99
1 - $1/1 Brawny 2-pack or larger 9/25 SS Insert

1 - 2lb Clamshell Red Grapes

3.48 lbs Sweet Onions $0.79/lb

 Price Chopper trip #1
3 - Peter Pan Peanut Butter $1.49 each
1 - $1.50/3 Peter Pan Peanut Butter
$2.97 or 99 cents each

Price Chopper trip #2
12 - Best Choice Canned Vegetables 3/$1

1 - Diet Pepsi 2L

2 - Best Choice Aluminum Foil
$1.98 or 99 cents each

3 - Peter Pan Peanut Butter $1.49 each
1 - $1.50/3 Peter Pan Peanut Butter
$2.97 or 99 cents

4 - Betty Crocker Fudge Brownies
$3.88 or 97 cents each

2 - Progresso Chicken Broth 2/$3
2 - $0.40/1 Progresso Chicken Broth
$2.20 or $1.10 each

1 - 2lb bag Best Choice Powder Sugar
97 cents

1 - 2lb bag Best Choice Brown Sugar
97 cents

2 - Best Choice Chicken Stuffing
$1.58 or 79 cents each

2.45 lbs Green Cabbage $0.49/lb

4.21 lbs Fugi Apples $0.79/lb

I spent a total of $54.02 including $5 in tax (yes, they even tax groceries!)  No biggie, but I need to start figuring that in my estimates because it throws me off a bit still ;)  But I still ended up saving 49% and I am stocked up for a while which makes me very happy.  Be sure to watch for my Hen House trip tomorrow because I should score some really good deals on produce and holiday dessert items.  Happy shopping!

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  1. The price of Aldi milk is up to $2.79 at my Aldi store surely diminishes the savings. Still, Aldi has great prices, and I always try to make a stop. I usually do two grocery runs every week, but at each stop there are two-three stores close to each other, which is great since I am on foot.

    Thank you for linking up at the Aldi Savings Linky at the Aldi Spot.

  2. Milk prices are so high I hope our Aldi keeps them low. We go through so much milk. I am loving all these stores being so close by because where I lived before it was economical to shop multiple stores because they were so far away. Thanks for the comment and stopping by. I love reading about all your deals and finds!

  3. Our milk keeps going up too! When it was a $1.00 a gallon last year I used to by four gallons a week. Now I am trying to get by with a gallon or two. Thanks for linking up at Pounds4Pennies.

  4. I haven't paid under $3 for milk in almost 5 years. So I am pretty stoked right now...hopefully it doesn't go up anytime soon! Thanks for stopping by and keep up the great work!


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