Friday, November 11, 2011

Life is full of changes

I just wanted to update everyone on all the changes in our household so you have a better understanding of my life.  The first big change is I finally completed my degree in business management this past spring.  It is a great feeling to not have homework every night and it has given me back so much of my family time which I missed.  The most recent change is that we moved to Overland Park, KS (Kansas City Metro Area) on October 12th which happened to also be my husband and my 9th anniversary.  The main reason we relocated to be closer to our family in Michigan and because it was a much better opportunity for our family.  My husband is a police officer and while he is going through all his training (again) I am staying home with the kids.  I have 2 kids Gavyn who is my very busy 3 year old son and Jayden who is my 9 year old sassy girl.  I plan on going back to work in the spring when my husband completes his field training and we are more settled.  For now I am enjoying the extra time with the kids.  And who knows if I get really good at couponing maybe I can go back to work part-time instead.  We will see when the time comes I suppose :) 

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