Saturday, November 12, 2011

Where do you find coupons?

Where do you get your coupons?
I get asked this question all the time!  Even from the cashiers.  Honestly, I find them in many different places.  For the most part I get them on-line.,,,,,, company websites, and company Facebook pages are all great sites where I find many coupons.

In addition there is always the Sunday paper.  I am not a stickler on buying the Sunday paper like many other couponers.  I just find I do not use them as much and I can’t see spending $2 per paper with only a possibility of getting my monies worth.  Many people use them all the time and buy multiple papers.  I know some people purchase whole inserts or specific coupons off the internet.  You can do a search for purchasing coupon inserts or check out eBay.  Or you can do what I do and ask friends and family to save theirs for youJ. 

Another great place to get coupons is from the manufacturer.  There are many ways to do this.  My favorite is e-mailing them.  Many companies will send high value coupons just for your input and experiences with their product.  Some bloggers will do a mass email where they all flood the company and they get coupons that way.  Always watch product packages, blinkies, and booklets (especially put out around the holidays or special times i.e. super bowl).  The only thing I say is make sure you don’t grab the whole stack.  Only grab what you will use (within limits) and remember to be respectful to other couponers and allow them the chance to catch great savings.  I always only grab 2 coupons or booklets at a time.  If there is more next week I may grab 2 more if it is something I know my family will use. 

That is a start to finding coupons.  Happy coupon hunting! 

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