Saturday, November 19, 2011

A day of fun!

Sorry I have not posted any deals.  Tomorrow I will weed through them and see what is available and try to catch up.  Today we had a wonderful family day exploring the area.  Since we have only been here for a month we are still learning about the history and enjoying getting to know the area.  We spent the morning at Missouri Town 1855 which was full of wonderful historical buildings and people in period dress explaining the way of life during that time period.  My son and daughter were able to play music with one of the tavern workers and they had a blast! There was so much to see and do there with so many educational opportunities that I highly recommend it if you are in the area.  Not to mention how affordable it is ($5 for adults and $3 for kids 5-12).  Almost across the street there is an observation area where you can see deer, elk, and bison too!

Jammin' at the Tavern

After that we headed out to find a perfect spot for lunch.  We brought the Hormel party tray I bought from Hen House for $4.99 after coupons and threw in a couple juice boxes and cans of pop, can't beat that!  We found a small park off the side of the road with a playground and lake in the background.  So after we finished eating we were able to play for bit :)

We then drove around for a while just exploring and enjoying being together.  After we had dinner we went out and looked at some Christmas light displays in the Kansas City area before heading home.  So it has been a very busy, but wonderful day.  It's not often we get this time to spend together so I took advantage of it and hope everyone understands why I took the day off.  Hope everyone has had a spectacular Saturday!

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