Thursday, January 26, 2012

Carpet Freshener

I like to freshen up my carpet at least once a week and even though carpet freshener isn't expensive I find them to be overly strong or I can't find a particular scent I want.  Since I have so much Borax I decided to use that scented with some essential oil today.  I had a spice shaker that I saved and cleaned up real well to use.  I just poured Borax in until it was about 3/4 of the way full and put 7-10 drops of both orange and lemon essential oil.  Then just shake it up really well because you don't want clumps of oil scented Borax.

Just sprinkle on the carpet and let sit for at least 20 minutes before you vacuum it up.  I cleaned the table, wiped down the kitchen, did the dishes, and everything else that needed to be done before I vacuumed.  The citrus combo is such a mood booster and it is so rejuvenating which makes it perfect for me when I am cleaning.  Some days (kinda like today) I want to just be lazy and watch TV.    But now everything is done and I can enjoy the fresh clean citrus smell in my home :)

One of the biggest perks to making your own carpet freshener is you can scent it to your mood or preference.  For example, during the holidays just stick a couple cinnamon sticks in the container (no need to grind it) and it will  give you a nice warm holiday scent.  Or place some dried lilac petals in the container.  You could also use baking soda instead, but I decided to use Borax mainly because I have much more of it than baking soda.

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  1. Thanks for sharing carpet freshener recipe I will be sure to give it a try. I'm stopping by from Friendly Friday. Hope you stop by for a visit/follow. Have a great weekend.


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