Friday, January 13, 2012

Under Budget for the Month!

I was seriously thinking I was going to go over budget with the trips I did today, but I am happy to announce that I made it under budget!  I will go over when I pick up milk for the month and the items for dishwasher detergent, but that means I will only be over budget by about $20.  This makes me one happy momma!  So I was able to feed my family, make my own laundry soap, and dishwasher detergent for just over $300 this month.  The best part is I am cooking better meals and I am no longer bound to shopping ads and matching coupons.  I saved A LOT of time by not hunting coupons and ads, plus all the ink I saved. 

I have packed my freezer with fresh herbs and veggies so I will have some for next month.  Also this means less waste.  I am very proud that nothing was thrown out during the last two weeks.  I hope this continues.  When I got home I prepared all my veggies and herbs I bought, divided them up for what I will need this week, and then prepared the rest for freezing. 

Lets look at how I did for the next two weeks:

Look at all the food!
Hen House
1 - 32 oz Best Choice Beef Broth

2 - 2 lb C&H Light Brown Sugar $1.58 each
1 - $1/2 C&H 2lb or larger products 1/9 SS Insert
$2.16 or $1.08 each

1 - Best Choice 4 lb Sugar

1 - Best Choice Italian Blend Shredded Cheese

1 - Kraft String Cheese

2 - Best Choice 32 oz Shredded Cheese (1 Mozzarella and 1 Cheddar)
$7.18 or $3.59 each

1 - 5lb Russet Potatoes

1 - Chives

1 - Celery

1 - Broccoli

Total Spent:  $25.08

2 - Frozen Spinach
$2.90 or $1.45 each

1 - Frozen Mixed Veggies

1 - Old Orchard Orange Juice Concentrate (There is B1G1 coupon HERE, but my store doesn't accept them)

1 - Barilla Jumbo Shells

4 - Old Orchard Apple Juice $1.77 each
4 - $0.50/1 Old Orchard 64 oz Juice
$5.08 or $1.27 each

1 - Ronzoni Garden Delight
99 cents

3 - 3lb Bags of Frozen Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts
$14.97 or $4.99 each

1 - 8 oz block White Cheddar Cheese

1 - Hy-Vee Ricotta Cheese

4 - 2 Liters Diet Pepsi
$7.16 or $1.79 each

1 - Bunch of Cilantro
89 cents

2 - Dole Bagged Salads
$1.98 or 99 cents each

1 - Package Whole White Mushrooms

Total Spent:  $49.16

Price Chopper
1 - Best Choice Crescent Rolls

1 - Dozen Best Choice Eggs

1.78 Beef Bottom Round Roast

1.83 Beef Stew Meat this was  a Manager's Special

2.97 lbs Ground Round Manager's Special

1 - Best Choice Chili Powder

1 - Best Choice Medium Grain Rice

1 - Quaker Barley

1 - Stride Spearmint Gum
99 cents

2.29 lbs Bananas

1 - 3lb bag of Yellow Onions

2 - La Moderna Pasta Shells 7 oz package
78 cents or 39 cents each!  This is regular price and found in the ethnic section and they have all kinds from vermicelli to alphabets to macaroni.  I will be buying these from now on.  What a great deal!

Total Spent:  $35.89

I definitely picked up lots of goodies for the next couple of weeks and only spent $110.14!  I still have to go to Aldi to pick up 4 gallons of milk, should be $7.72 unless the price increased, 1 2lb bag of clementines $1.48,  and 2 3lb bags of apples $2.94.  If I am correct on my milk prices then the total spending per week will be just over $60 per week! 

As for the month to date right now (without Aldi) I have spent $299.79 or $74.95 per week!  That means I have made my budget of $75/week so far.  Even though I know it is short lived I am still happy and really not disappointed at all.  It is comforting to know I do not have to buy laundry soap or cleaners anymore and we all know how expensive those items are! 

Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend and keep an eye out for my homemade dishwasher detergent recipe along with a review of how it performs.  You can stay up to date by following My Road to Savings on facebook or twitter.


  1. That is a lot of food! Nice job! Thanks for linking up at

  2. Thank you :) Two weeks worth of food and lots of great meals to come. I am so excited for some of the meals I am making and can't wait to try them!

  3. Great savings! Thanks for linking up at Allison's Durham Deals! I hope you'll stop by again.

  4. Nice job!! Though I'm curious what does your menu plan look like? How did you plan what to buy? I usually buy my food based on coupons/sales/cravings and then plan my menu based on what I have. Though I'm finding I need to switch it the other way and plan first.

  5. Thank you :) My menu plan for the next two weeks can be found in my post HERE

    I really like the planning method and sticking to a budget rather than relying on coupons and sales. Coupons can be a wonderful thing, but they are not for me. I found myself buying things because they were cheap and not really enjoying cooking anymore. The most important thing is to find what works for your family. This is a new journey for me and so far I am enjoying it much more. The best part I found my LOVE for cooking again!

  6. Great savings this week. Thanks for linking up at Pounds4Pennies this week. I am trying to do the menu plan. I find couponing is great for stocking up on basic necessity items. Then buying what you want or need to make certain dishes.

    1. That's great that coupons are working for you! I was having a hard time with all the processed, boxed, and canned foods that I was getting. After looking back on my items purchased last year I was rather disappointed. My goal is to buy more "whole" foods and cut as many processed and prepared food out of my home as possible. I also want to make all my cleaning supplies to cut the toxins out of our home. It is important that each person find which works best for them. I do occasionally use coupons. I just no longer shop according to ads and coupons. I feel better about the meals I prepare and the products I use. Keep up the great work and I look forward to seeing more of your savings and tips :)


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