Monday, January 30, 2012

Top Five for the Week

Did you miss any of these top five posts last week?  Click on the picture or the link below to check them out!

1. Shopping for the Month My shopping for the month along with the meal plan and list of other fresh produce that I need to pick up for the rest of the month.

2.  Homemade Surface Cleaner - This has been really popular since I posted it.  I am getting ready to make my second batch.  Works wonderfully!  Have you tried it yet?

3.  Super Easy Pasta Sauce - I promise once you start making your own pasta sauce you will never want to use the store bought stuff again!  It's so easy and you can tweak it to your liking, make huge batches or small batches, and it is just plain YUMMY!

4.  Ranch Dressing Mix - A super easy way to control your sodium and other additives is by creating your ranch mix.  You can make this in small batches or large batches.  Super easy to use as a dressing, dip, or to add flavor to your recipes!

5.  Beef Barley Soup - Incredibly easy slow cooker soup that will fill your belly and warm you up.  A great weeknight meal on a chilly night!

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  1. I love beef barley soup :) Btw, I'm your 60th follower.

    1. YAY! Welcome and I LOVE beef barley soup too. This recipe is my favorite :)


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