Saturday, January 14, 2012

Label Dilema Solved!

I was sitting around and all of sudden it dawned on me...use pretty paper, some markers, and a big clear sticker type object to make the labels.  You know it has been bothering me having all these wonderful homemade products without proper identification.  I needed something that would tell me what the product was, how I made, and how to properly use it.  As much as I like to think I have an amazing memory that just isn't the case so the longer I waited around the more likely it would be that I forget one of these important factors.

The supplies I used were a pretty little notepad (the kind you use for shopping lists that you hang on the fridge), laminating sheets (the self sticky ones since I don't have a laminating machine, and good ole' crayola markers.  I suppose I could of been real nifty and made my own special labels on the computer, but I really like the homemade look right now.  Who knows I may switch them up and have my little household brand a few months down the road.  For now these cute little labels will do for me!

Now aren't they cute???  Kinda completes the homemade look ;)
Obviously a big label wouldn't fit on the little bottle so I used those tiny blank mailing labels and put one on each side.  The name on one and the recipe on the other.  I know I would forget the amount of oils I liked if I didn't write it down.  Now when I run out it will be simple to make another batch. 

I like the and maize...GO BLUE!
Well that's it for the labels....for now.  I am sure I will switch them up at some point.  I have awesome little names for my products dancing through my head so I may have to create my own little household  I guess my husband is right...we are getting old.  He is excited about his photography and I am excited about my homemade cleaning products.  It's a thrilling night in our out!  I will tell you though, I wouldn't change it for anything.  I love my cozy Friday nights with my family :)

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