Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Wow!  What a crazy day Monday was!  I have been on the go pretty much non-stop since Saturday.  I feel so bad because I haven't been able to update or post anything new and exciting for you :(  My daughter and I created her Valentine's Day box for school so I am hoping to get that post up tonight.  But I feel like I should explain my craziness this weekend.  Mainly this post is for my benefit to write and unwind.  I mean what better platform than your own blog!  Right?!?

Now let me explain even though it has been crazy it hasn't been too terrible or bad.  Saturday was actually decent.  We actually slept in, but then we went for a ride checking out homes, neighborhoods, etc.  Then we went out for ice cream since I knew the kids deserved a treat dealing with us being boring parents and scoping out neighborhoods.  Plus I really wanted a good sundae.  Double win!

Sunday we went out and bought a washer and a dryer.  So excited and I can not wait to use it!  We went all out and bought the LG Wave.  We have a steam dryer now so I am hoping we no longer need to use the dry cleaners.  Not to mention I am super stoked not to have to use the complex laundry facilities anymore.  Considering half the dryers don't work and we were spending anywhere between $10-15 per week just to use them!  We also bought my husband a new camera (check out his photography page HERE you will LOVE it he is very talented!).  After that we made dinner and relaxed before bed.

Today is when all the crazy really set in.  We went to get our new license plates for our cars so first thing this morning we did our morning routine and then headed out for breakfast.  We found a nice little local diner with good food, big servings, and a small price.  My kind of place ;)  I just love diners like that.  After we were full we headed over to the DMV.  The wait wasn't bad literally 4 minutes!  Got up to the front gave our papers and  got the info we needed to head on over to vehicle inspections.  But before we could do that we had to go to an ATM.  The county does not accept VISA.  No biggie...we just stopped at the ATM and took out what we needed for both places.

Not my actual Jeep photo from Hiatt Auto Sales and it looks just like her :)

When we got to vehicle inspections there was a line forming.  Still not too bad.  We had to wait maybe 10 minutes.  Can't complain about that, right???  Right when my husband (who was in front of me) went to pull into the garage he heard a loud "thunk".  So he got out to check and couldn't see anything, but the Jeep was now in bad shape.  She was not happy.  Making many horrible clunking and metal grinding noises.  We plugged away and had both vehicles inspected.  Found out my car has a hose that is leaking quite a bit of engine coolant.  YIPPEE!  Just paid that thing off today and this is how she repays me???  Everything passed, my cars have all legitimate parts, and all the numbers matched up.  We paid our bill and then had to head back to the DMV.

The hubby decided to go, get it done with, and then head to the mechanic.  We were in and out in no time and now both cars have their new Kansas plates.  It's official we are straight up Kansans now :)  Hubby decided to have the little one ride with me and follow him to the garage.  Apparently he said it felt like the wheels were going to fall off.  Hmmm...he didn't mention that to me at the time.  I would remember that.

Surprisingly we made it to the garage with out any issues.  The checked out the beast and took her back.  So we headed back home to change out the plates and all that fun stuff.  No sooner do we walk in the door and get the call that when they lifted the Jeep the passenger side axle broke and that the driver side axle is getting ready to go.  Well shoot!  That's not going to be pretty.  With no other option we decided to have both axles replaced.  Can't say I am too surprised.  She is 14 and has towed across the country a half of a dozen times now without any major problems.  She's a good, reliable worker!  I love her and will be looking for one for our next vehicle next year.

Well now the beast is being fixed so we went to Walmart to pick up a couple of items and browse.  Exciting I know...lol.  We bought our items and then went and got a sandwich from a local deli for a quick lunch on the go.  My hubby was heading to take a few pictures before picking my daughter up from school when we got the call that our baby was fixed and ready.  So he snapped a few shots at a lake and we headed back.

We picked up our girl and I am happy to say she is running a million times better.  Next up is the cranky car who loves to give fits.  We have a love, hate relationship.  She is my car, but she is temperamental and will be replaced next year after we save up some money to buy a new car.   SHHHHH...don't tell her!  I am hoping to avoid car payments from now on.  Don't know if it is possible, but we will try!

Now she sits for the next week until I can fork some more money into getting the leak fixed and the ball bearing fixed. She will just have to deal with it for now ;)  I am not sure if she will last the next year, but here's to hoping!

Now I am waiting for my new washer and dryer to get delivered so I can start on the great mountain of laundry.  YAY!  I am excited for the new appliances and am so excited not to have to share laundry facilities anymore.  And enough of my rambling :)  Thanks for listening to my rant today.  Stay tuned for the extra awesome Valentine's Day box later.  After I start battling the heap I should be able to show you what we did :)

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