Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Pancakes, Onions, Eggs, and Bread...oh my!

It's been a busy morning.  I am not feeling the greatest, but for some odd reason I decided to tackle a few projects.  My son loves pancakes and wants them everyday.  Sadly we have been out for quite some time and I knew I needed to make a batch and freeze.

But before I could get started that project I noticed I had 2 dozen eggs in the fridge so I decided to hard boil 1 dozen for quick snacks, breakfast, lunch, etc.  Then I looked in the window sill and noticed my green onions were ready to be snipped and frozen so I could regrow them one more time.  When I thought I was ready to make the pancakes I noticed we were out of bread.  Now you all probably know by now I am not much of a baker, but I decided to give it a go...once again.  The bread is rising now and I promise I will post about my baking adventure (good or

Now I was finally ready to tackle the pancakes.  They aren't hard to make or very time consuming at all, but for some reason I never make them.  I tend to buy the frozen ones when I can get the really cheap.  What motivated me to make them from scratch was a friend from Australia was asking for a pancake recipe because they can't get Bisquik there.  So I hunted down a pancake recipe and thought...hmmmm...that looks doable.  I changed the recipe slightly because we like thinner pancakes and I like to add a splash of Vanilla, but the original recipe can be found HERE.

Layer pancakes on a cookie sheet once cooled to freeze

1-1/2 Cups Flour
3-1/2 tsp Baking Powder
1 tsp Salt
1 TBS White Sugar
1-1/2 Cups Milk, room temp
1 Egg, room temp
1 tsp Vanilla
3 TBS Butter, melted

  • Mix the flour, baking powder, salt, and sugar (put it through a sifter twice for light and airy pancakes)
  • In a separate bowl mix together milk, egg, vanilla, and melted butter
  • Combine the wet and dry ingredients and mix until smooth and combined (you can add more or less milk depending on how thick you like your pancakes)
  • Heat frying pan over medium-high heat (a griddle works best, but I don't have one) and add oil to coat pan
  • Add batter to pan depending on the size pancakes you want (I use an ice cream scoop) 
  • Brown on both sides and then eat or cool completely if freezing
  • Once cooled (important they are fully cooled otherwise they will stick to the cookie sheet) place in a single layer on a cookie sheet and freeze for 10 minutes
  • Remove from freezer and place in Ziploc bags or air tight containers, label, date, and freeze

To reheat the pancakes just put them in the microwave for 30-60 seconds or until heated through.  You can also place on a cookie sheet and cover with foil then put in a 350 degree oven for 5-10 minutes until completely heated.  Quick way to enjoy a good home cooked breakfast.  I only did a small batch, but next time I will probably triple the batch because we love pancakes :)


  1. Looks and sounds Yummy ! We like pancakes as well but we use the Aunt Jemima Buttermilk pancakes , Papa makes them on the weekends and we add our own stuff in or on them like blueberries or bananas or what ever we fancy at the time . I will have to give this recipe a try though looks easy and delish ! Thanks for sharing ! Have a great day ! P.S would you mind disabling your Word Varafication as bloggers are having a tuff time with them, to scrabled to read even for me with glasses for the puter ! Big issue in blogland about the WV !

    1. The kiddos love when we put chocolate chips in them, but I was all out. But we love topping them with fruit too. That's one reason we love pancakes because they are so versatile :)

      I was having big problems with spammers (1 after another almost constant) so that's why I have the word verification. I wish there was a better way, but so far it is all that has worked to keep the spam at bay. It would be nice if the blogger platform had more options for dealing with spam. I will look into finding other options though. Sorry it has been a nuisance :(


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