Friday, February 24, 2012

Menu Ideas

Wow!  Can you believe it is almost March?  I can't!  I am planning my March menu and grocery list already.  I kind of started last week, but I have to fill in a few days yet.  I have been browsing the internet trying to find new and interesting meals to make and it dawned on me that maybe you guys have some great recipes to share.  We are not picky, as long as it isn't anything too weird.  I'm talking goat's head, eyeballs, etc.  I don't think I can venture into any of those types of things.  I will of course give full credit with a link/post for the recipes I use plus I will "pin" your recipe too.  I just know you guys have some great recipes to share and I would love to try them!  So please leave a comment with either a link to your recipe or a trusted recipe you love that you would like to share and have us try!

Thanks guys and have a wonderful day!  I am excited to see what you guys have to share!


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