Wednesday, February 29, 2012

March Meal Plan

Wow!  I can't believe today is the end of the month.  February always seems to fly by, but this year seems to be going super fast...I totally said that in a Little Einstein ladies with young toddlers know what I'm talking  Our meal plan this month is going to be pretty flexible.  I know I have different activities to attend so we will move take out days and meals around a bit, but this is the general idea of how it will look :)  After seeing my meal plan you can see my monthly grocery list below.  Last month went well so I will attempt it again by shopping for the bulk of my items at once and then making smaller trips for produce and other perishable items.

There's the plan for the month.  We have some favorites in here and some new ones to try.  I have also moved some from February into March because I didn't get a chance to make them since we took a last minute mini vacation.  Anyway here's a look at what I need to get for the month.

Sorry this came out a little small this time, but if you click on the picture you should be able to view it better.  I may think of things or notice items I need and add them as I go.  But this weekend should produce a fridge packed with food :)

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