Saturday, September 1, 2012

Weekly Meal Plan

It's that time again!  Another week has come and gone.  It seems time is going by so quickly.  But I won't complain...too much ;)  It's a holiday weekend, but no big plans here.  The hubby is working so it will be just the kiddos and me.  I think we will take it easy and maybe clean this house a bit.  Who knows...maybe a nice movie night or game night is in the cards as well.  After how hectic everything has been it will be nice to relax and spend some time at home.

No eating out this week.  My daughter is done with viola lessons until summer since they have orchestra 5 days a week here and my hubby has some overtime scheduled so I figure it is just easier (and cheaper!) to make dinner every night.

Tuscan Roasted Veggie Pasta - I will use whole wheat pasta and sweet onion.  Maybe more basil (I love basil) and toss in some fresh mozzarella

Honey Glazed Chicken - I have this already prepped in the freezer and ready to go!

Galicky Spinach Spaghetti - Spaghetti noodles with a garlic sauce and spinach

Beef Stew - crock pot recipe

Bruschetta Pasta - Whole wheat noodles topped with canned bruschetta  (I am sure you could scale it down by cutting the half recipe in half) and parmesan cheese.

Cream Cheese Chicken Enchiladas - Made with ground chicken, greek yogurt instead of sour cream, and use sweet onion

Tuna Pasta Salad - I am going to doctor this up a bit.  Probably add balsamic vinegar and definitely more veggies.

There you have the dinner plan and now onto the grocery list.

This list will cover most of what you need for the meals and snacks.  I grow my own basil so I did not place that on the list and I had leftover mozzarella, frozen fruit, dried fruit, and nuts so those along with spices are not on the list.  But this covers a majority of what you will need.

Once all the shopping is done you will want to divide your items into serving containers.  This makes everything so much easier to just grab and go.  For me it also helps to have everything measured out so I don't eat more than I should.  I am horrible judge when looking at an item and trying to determine serving size.  This eliminates that problem all together :)

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